Earn with Steepcoin

We are happy to present you SteepCoin project. Open-source cryptocurrency project based on innovative blockchain technology which allows you to get profit. You don’t need anymore expensive mining equipment to get new coins. Simply, set up your SteepCoin Wallet, buy some STEEP Coins on exchange and send them to your wallet. Keep your wallet online and after four hours your STEEP coins start staking. Stay in stake, start receive PoS Rewards and get your STEEP profit.

1. Download wallet software

Here you can grab the program you’ll need to store and manage your new coins: 
Windows Wallet 
Mac OS Wallet 
Linux Wallet

2. Buy from an exchange

Send your money to a Мercatox exchange or other exchanges where you’ll be able to buy coins from other traders in the open market Mercatox

3. Withdraw your coins

Take possession of your steepcoins by sending them to an address generated by the wallet software. This will protect you in the event that the exchange closes its doors while your money is inside.

4. Learn More

Now that you have coins in your wallet, it’s time to learn how to grow your investment with Steepcoin Mining. Join our Telegram chat.Telegram

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